Gitgit Waterfall Is the Highest in Bali

BULELENG is one of the nine districts and municipality in the Bali Province with the largest area (almost one third of the Island of Bali). Topographically, the land is hilly. Buleleng is located in the northern hemisphere of the Island of Bali, so that Buleleng is often called the North Bali region or Den Bukit region.

In the southern part of Buleleng is a hilly area stretching from the west to the east. The northern part of Buleleng district is a coastal area with a coastline of 157 km, the longest beach owned by the district in Bali.

The existence of hills (gunung) and the sea (segara) owned by Buleleng makes this area dubbed in Balinese language as Nyegara - Gunung (sea - mountain) atmosphere in terms of religious side.

Den Bukit with its hilly topography and relatively sustainable forest gives birth to dozens of natural waterfalls and all have the potential to become a regional tourist destination if they are well organized.

Dozens of waterfalls owned by Buleleng are 1) Pengumbahan Waterfall; 2) Melanting Waterfall; 3) Singsing Waterfall; 4) Banyumala Waterfall; 5) Gitgit Waterfall; 6) Multilevel Waterfall; 7) Campuhan Waterfall; 8) Colek Pamor Waterfall; 9) Jembong Waterfall; 10) Pucuk Waterfall; 11) Kroya Waterfall; 12) Kembar Waterfall; 13) Aling-Aling Waterfall; 14) Cinta Waterfall; 15) Rainfed Mixed Flavor Waterfall; 16) Sekumpul Waterfall; 17) Bengbengan Waterfall; 18) Fiji Waterfall; 19) Yeh Mampeh Lemukih Waterfall; 20) Bukit Lalang Waterfall; 21) Ikut Sampi Waterfall; 22) Teja Waterfall; 23) Carat Waterfall; and 24) Yeh Mampeh Les Waterfall.

Gitgit Waterfall is one of the many well-known waterfalls in Buleleng even in Bali. It is classified to be a large waterfall and has a height of 35 meters. With this height, Gitgit Waterfall has the highest water discharge in Bali.

Approximately it is located 11 km to the south of Singaraja, precisely at Gitgit village, Sukasada subdistrict. From Denpasar, this waterfall is approximately 70 km away towards the north. The shortest distance from Denpasar to Gitgit Waterfall is a journey passing through Bedugul tourist object. From Denpasar to Gitgit via Bedugul can be covered within approximately two hours.

From the center of Gitgit village to get to the pounding point of Gitgit Waterfall, the road is quite long, winding up and down but it has been arranged in such a way that it is safe and comfortable to go through. Surely the location is perfect for those who like trekking.

In the development and innovation of tourism in Buleleng, including the development in the Gitgit Waterfall area as tourist destination, Nyoman Sutrisna, as the Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office always reminded the relevant parties, so that the values ​​of Tri Hita Karana (THK) posing the Balinese philosophy of life can be always upheld.

Sutrisna emphasized that progress in the tourism sector must be in line with the measures of nature conservation, the maintenance of cultural customs inspired by the teachings of Hinduism and the increase in the community welfare.

Let’s travel to Buleleng, we head for the amazing Gitgit Waterfall, while trekking and enjoying the roar of the highest waterfall sounds in Bali. * BTNewspaper/AgungSuamba