Prevention, Restoration And Treatment Modul 2

On 20 July 2019 Museum Pasifika will have a small but very usefull workshop. This time we will discuss about the prevention, restoration and treatment modul 2. The first modul was held on 12 March 2018 and was very successful. Once again Ms. Susanne Erhards, a Conservator for Fine Art, graduated at the University of Applied Science Cologne Germany, will act as a speaker of this workshop. In this occasion she will continue to explain about maintenance in Museums using different dry cleaning methods. It will be a hands on workshop. Participants go on in practice under her supervise herself !! 

The workshop will be started at 9 am 3 pm, and will take place at Meeting Room 2nd floor of Museum Pasihka in complex ITDC block P Nusa Dua. 

Maintening museum is considered a big job. It will cost more if we didnt do it regularely. And some tools to use for cleaning purposes also can be expensive. But with right methode, we can ”cheat" all those kind of obstacles. In this workshop Ms. Erhards will show the participants how to do the correct way to clean and in less cost. 

Museum Pasifika as the largest Asia Pasiiic Art Museum in Asia Pacific area, displaying around 400 paintings. With weather and condition in tropical country, many problem can be occured. Maintainance having a great part to keep all those precious fine art on its finest conditions and it was not an easy job. Problem with wasp, molt, dust, fungus just few that must be handled senously. Same problem for many other museums in Bali. 

Opened in August 2006, Museum Pasifika trying at its best to prevent more damage by continouing restoration some of fine art. One of the masterpiece that ever restored by Ms. Erhards, that also the collection from Museum Pasilika, was the painting from Raden Saleh " A Tiger Hunt" (painted in 1845) and restored in 2018 by Ms. Sussan Erhards. Also one masterpiece from Italian artist, Ramualdo Locatelli Legong Dancer" (painted in 1939).