Baby Turtles Release At Griya Santrian

Griya Santrian Beach Resort rests alongside Sanur Beach, which is still a popular spot for female sea turtles to come ashore at night and lay their eggs in the sand and has been one of the preferred sites for local turtle hatchery area.


More than fifty people gathered on Griya Santrian Sanur Beach to participate on  the baby sea turtles release to the ocean on Wednesday 26 June. Most of them were tourists staying at the resort for their holiday or passer-by. They were invited to join this event and enjoy that wonderful moment as these baby turtles splash their way into the waters of the Indian Ocean. The resort management released for 67  turtles.

IB Gede Sidharta Putra, General Manager of Griya Santrian mentioned that turtles release programme is an activity that has always been part of their annual conservation agenda, where the resort strictly adheres to the “Tri Hita Karana” concept and also he said “This is our way of connecting our guests with the importance of turtle conservation. This is a gratifying experience that always leaves a smile on the faces of our participating guests”

He appreciates all parties involved that support his cause in continually caring for the environment and preserve the endangered species.