Development of Buleleng Tourism in 2019

IN 2018, many awards were given by various parties from ranging from provincial, national to international levels to the Buleleng Tourism Office indicating the success in managing tourism in Buleleng (North Bali) based on community empowerment and preservation of nature and culture.

One of those awards is the Tri award Hita Karana Awards (THK Awards) in the form of certificate and gold trophy. This prestigious award indicates that Buleleng Tourism Office has implemented the THK philosophy values ​​in managing tourism in North Bali (Denbukit).

Aside from the success of winning the certificate and gold trophy, the Buleleng Tourism Office at the same time through one of its employees, Kadek Andriana Dersen, managed to achieve the third place in the Bali Public Relations (PR) competition in the version of YTHK Bali 2018. Kadek Andriana Dersen is very reliable staff in advancing the world of tourism in Buleleng. Armed with myriad of experiences both in domestic and foreign level, especially in the tourism sector coupled with determination as well as a strong and sincere intention to return home and advance the home village, he got a great support in driving the advancement of the Buleleng tourism in 2019.

Meanwhile, Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Nyoman Sutrisna, with the spirit of NEKAT, an Indonesian abbreviation for Intention (N), Efficient and Effective (E), Creative (K), Active (A), God (T)) and the 5331 concept (5 =Panca Craddha (five basic principle in Hindu faith), 3 = Tri Hita Karana (three concept of harmony), 3 = Tri Kaya Parisudha(three behaviors that should be sanctified) and 1 = Tat wam asi –Thou Art that) will try hard to work and develop tourism sector in Buleleng so that it is synchronized with the infrastructure development having been proclaimed by the government, such as by constructing of shortcut and airport in North Bali.

To gradually develop Buleleng tourism in 2019 and make it in line with infrastructure development, Buleleng Tourism Office has planned a strong breakthrough to continuously improve the quality of human resources, both in Tourism Office and in the community especially at tourism village and in the area of tourist attractions. Quality human resources must be prepared gradually and continuously so that they are in line with the infrastructure development in supporting tourism progress.

“In advancing the tourism sector in Buleleng, in addition to building infrastructure such as short-cut to shorten the travel distance of Singaraja-Denpasar and the airport, human resource development must continuously be carried out gradually and orderly so as to produce quality human resources being capable of answering the challenges of tourism with all the dynamics. Only with quality human resources are we able to develop Buleleng tourism in terms of all existing tourism potentials,” he said.

Besides, he also invited all components to increase knowledge, skill and attitude relentlessly to face challenges. To develop the Buleleng tourism in 2019, we should jointly implement the Sapta Pesona or seven charms based on the spirit of Tri Hita Karana denoting the philosophy of life of Balinese people.