LIFE by Laila – TV show concept

Join Laila White, a Singaporean fitness and wellness professional and international gym designer, as she travels across Asia to discover the region’s diverse traditional (and some forgotten) practices, customs and rituals that have kept the peoples of this vast continent physically, mentally and spiritually balanced for hundreds of years.

Laila believes in the mantra “LIVE WELL WITH BALANCE”. Follow our intrepid host over 13 episodes as she moves from the frenetic metropolis to idyllic villages, meeting locals from all walks of life to understand how they view and practise health, fitness, wellness and nutrition.

Laila hopes she will leave each place she visits enlightened and enriched with a better understanding of how the peoples of Asia keep fit and stay healthy in mind, body and soul. For the first season, Life by Laila travels across Indonesia with MNC Media, Southeast Asia’s largest and most integrated media group.

Laila White has more than 20 years of global experience in fitness and wellness from her base in Singapore. As a personal trainer, she has trained industry leaders, royalty and others such as Prince Hakeem Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam and Princess Purna Jadeja Browne of New Palace, Morvi, Gujarat of India. 

​Laila has also created gyms for more than 15 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts properties worldwide, including in Kyoto, Dubai and New York. In the past few years, Laila has begun to recognise the need to approach fitness from a more holistic perspective and to redefine fitness to mean more than just physical well-being.

In 2017, she launched A.D.A.T (A Day At A Time) as a community outreach health and fitness programme in Singapore to encourage a healthy lifestyle through group exercise. She founded aQieve in 2018 with the belief that one’s well-being is closely linked to a perfectly balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.

In 2019, Laila launched “Life by Laila”, a TV show that takes her across Asia to discover understand the practices, rituals, customs and traditions that have kept Asians healthy – in mind, body and spirit. Laila has been featured in ESPN, Women’s Weekly, Men’s Health, Daily Mail, MNC Health & Beauty Channel, Money FM 89.3, and Yahoo Style Canada, among others, and is regularly invited to speak at events.