Sanur Village Festival XIV Dharmaning Gesing – The Glorifying of Bamboo

Bali, 20 May 2019… Dharmaning Gesing can be described as glorifying or the responsibility to do good for the bamboo. The bamboo has a deep and strong philosophical meaning, as it is one of the plant most commonly used by the Balinese in their daily life, especially in the religious ceremonies and traditional architecture, both leaf and shoot.

Bamboo’s good properties is the life basis and spirit for the Balinese, where the shoot grows vertical, but during maturity is bows down, reflecting the Balinese Hindu humble way of life. Bamboo also grows stronger when older, the roots and shoots form a strong unity.

Sanur Village Festival features the theme bamboo not just as a material, but also a life awareness and philosophy, its benefit and use as well as its sustainability. Through the theme Dharmaning Gesing Sanur Village Festival looks to reinvent the glorifying of nature’s element which becomes a direction for life harmony on earth.