Secluded World Exhibition

GRIYA Art Gallery at GriyaSantrian a Beach Resort and Spa presents painting exhibition themed C5 Visual Art.C5 is critical, communication, collaboration, cooperation and creativity. As people, each of them ent through their own struggles for their own needs. While at the same time being part of a larger life, they were bound into maintaining their existence and common interests.

The artists from C5 share a common idea to bring us into persistent consciousness. The awareness that artists and everyone working towards being critical, as such, understanding ourselves and their surroundings. Understanding that desires to always be connected with everything. It is this relationship that makes them willing to work with anyone, with positive ways and goals. Ultimately creating something new in creative spaces.

The theme of this exhibition is also to promote environmental awareness. The fast moving, dynamic and connected information age requires everyone to learn continuously. A learning process that does not neglect our human nature. Art and artists exist in the midst of industrial power serves as a learning point for more creations within the limits of awareness and humanity. As time continues moving and changing the world, humanity remains a quiet space of consciousness. 

“The artist in art have their own space that is secluded from the rest of the world. Processing experience into ideas requires seclusion. But as humans, the artists still need “crowds” connection with fellow humans. This “Secluded World” belongs to the artist personally and is confidential. While the connection to surroundings are formed into mutual thoughts and learning. This awareness of learning is the basis for this exhibition,” says Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra, owner of Griya Art Gallery and General Manager of Griya Santrian, ”We are proud to be hosting such an amazing collection of art.“