136 Hotels and Agencies Ready to Receive THK Awards 2014

A total of 136 hotels and agencies are ready to receive the THK Awards 2014 to be delivered on Saturday (Nov 29). They consist of 35 five-star hotels; 22 boutique hotels; 28 four-star hotels; 15 one-, two- and three-star hotels; 5 budget hotels; 8 tourist attractions; 6 government agencies including hospital and foundation; 12 schools (junior and senior); and 5 colleges or universities.

According to Chairman of the Tri Hita Karana (THK) Foundation Bali, Wisnu Wardana, the awarding night would take place at Ksiraarnawa Hall, Bali Art Center, Denpasar. “The participants will receive the award in accordance with the results of self-assessment and the assessment by the assessor team having engaged since last October,” he said. He also added that the results of the assessment included several categories, namely the bronze, silver, gold, emerald and platinum. The latter was the highest category.

It was added that emerald award would be conferred when the participating hotels had implemented the THK concept with gold category for three times in succession and then after achieving the emerald category for three times in succession as well, then they were entitled to receive platinum award.

Implementation of the tri hita karana life concept among the employers in Bali has not been significant. It can be seen from historical records where the THK life concept has been made into the fundamental of Bali’s development since 1969. Meanwhile, the THK awards have been given since the year 2000. “In fact, among more than 2,000 hotels coalesced into the members of the Indonesia Hotels and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Bali Chapter, less than 100 hotels continuously participated in implementing the THK. Only this year it shows an increase where there are 105 participating hotels in the THK activities. In other words, it remains less than 5 percent of the hotels getting involved,” said Wisnu Wardana.

On that account, the local government through the Governor of Bali, Made Pastika, will support this program through the issuance of the Gubernatorial Regulation on the implementation of THK concept in the circles of tourism industry across Bali. “After the Gubernatorial Regulation, it will be upgraded into Regional Bylaw (Perda) on the Implementation of THK among the tourism industry,” said the governor while commemorating the International Tourism Day in Kuta recently.

THK Awards 2014 awarding night will also be jazzed up with Balinese Food Festival that competes for the Melapa-Melapi Award and the announcement of the Sympathetic PR of the Year 2014. The Sympathetic PR involves the employees in the tourism industry who always provide socialization on the importance of the THK life concept as a concept to maintain the harmony of life that can be universally applied.

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