Celebration of Saraswati Feast 2019

TODAY on Saturday (May 11 and Dec. 7) is the celebration dedicated to Goddess Saraswati to commemorate the descent of science. A thanksgiving ceremony is carried out on all literatures, palm-leaf manuscripts and books as a tribute and thankfulness before her who had graced the science.


The celebrations falling every Saturday and six months (210 days), precisely on Saniscara Umanis Wuku Watugunung, is believed to be the day of the descent of science as well as tribute to the Goddess of Knowledge, Goddess Saraswati. Celebration of the Saraswati Day is set forth in Sundarigama palm-leaf manuscript. This manuscript is a guideline for the execution of ceremonies in Bali, both based on sasih or lunar system and pawukon system. Wuku is part of a cycle in the Javanese and Balinese calendar lasting for seven days (one week). It has 30-week cycle (210 days), and each wuku has its own name.


Sundarigama manuscript states: Watugunung, Saniscara, Umanis, puja walin Betara Saraswati widi-widanania, nistania, suci peras daksina, penek ajuman sesayut saraswati, banten saraswati, segara gunung, perangkat putih kuning, tansah wangi-wangi, daksina, pengadegan abesik, kembang payas sekar cana, canang yasa, sadulurania sehananing pustaka, makelingganing aksara pina hayu, puja walinin, saha aturaken puspa wangi, astawakne tirta pakuluh ring Sang Hyang Surya samana tan wenang angereka, aksara, amaca, anulis, tuwi makidung muang kekawin, tuwi arerasan saluwiring tatuwa aksara suksema, kewalia amuja-muja walinin betara Saraswati juga wenang, apan sang pinuja sira amdalaning sarwa dewa, kewala meneng juga sira ayoga.


Meaning: Saniscara Umanis Watugunung is a day to worship Goddess Saraswati. In this worship, the ritual oblation in use consists of suci, peras, daksina palinggih, kembang payas, kembang cana and kembang biasa, sesayut saraswati, prangkatan or rantasan putih kuning, as well as assorted fruits and their sequences. Religious literature or religious notes, the tools to write scripts are arranged as well as possible, adored, and given rituals along with fragrant flowers.


This is called worshiping Lord Vayu, namely motion, words and thoughts. When doing worship, it is not appropriate or not allowed for devotees to write a letter, read Vedic scriptures and kekawin hymns, and practice yoga. So, on the celebration of Saraswati devotees should do yoga and samadhi by concentrating the wind, words and thought. Besides, they interpret the essence of the knowledge itself. (BTNewspaper/net/t)