Festivals and Events in Bali

THROUGHOUT the year, the Island of Bali is filled with various festivals, such as the temple festivals (piodalan) taking place almost every day in Bali. During the ceremony, we can witness the proficiency of Balinese people playing music, dancing as well as tasting Balinese traditional cuisines.

Other than temple festivals, there are also celebrations coming every six months (210 days) such as Galungan. It is a holiday in Bali starting from Tuesday (Jul. 23), Wednesday (Jul. 24) and Thursday (Jul. 25).

On the Galungan Day, the Island of Bali looks more beautiful with colorful penjor installed on every entrance gates into Balinese house compounds. Penjor decorations made from bamboo stems are the works of art of Balinese residents that often spend considerable funds, depending on the owner of the house. Moreover, one family may have to spend up to millions of rupiahs to make a penjor.

Series of the Galungan ceremonies will end on Wednesday (Aug. 28), where Balinese (Hindu) residents will simultaneously bring down their penjor and then burn it to be further processed into compost and be buried in the sacred area (around the family temple).

Other than religious celebrations such as Galungan, Balinese community also offers a variety of festivals specifically served for tourists. Just look at the Bali Spirit Festival with yoga activities and various treatments (self healing); Ubud Food Festival, for 3 days tourists are served with various types of Balinese and Indonesia cuisines; The Klungkung Semarapura Festival aims to promote the arts and culture of Klungkung district as well as the Karangasem Festival, Buleleng Festival and Denpasar Festival.

In the Bali Arts Festival, lasting for a full month, we can witness a myriad of Balinese traditional performing arts commenced with a traditional art parade and performing arts. It also organizes a competition and art discussion. Surely, there is an exhibition of the art and craftsmanship from Bali and other regions in Indonesia.

Bali Blues Festival, Nusa Dua Light Festival and Sanur Jazz Festival are noted as a unique and very popular festival for tourists. Moreover, the Ubud Village Jazz Festival is on the agenda of some tourists posing the fans of Jazz music specifically coming on vacation in Bali.

Meanwhile, Tenganan Festival and Ubud Royal Weekend are the preservation of indigenous Balinese culture that is never extinct taken down by times, even though Bali is flooded with tourists from various parts of the world. Bali International Kite Festival features traditional Balinese kites sizing more than 4 meters by 6 meters. There is also a Janggan-style kite having a tail of more than 200 meters.

In the field of sports, there is the International Night Run and the Herbalife Bali International Triathlon, while in the literary field there is the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival.