New Look of BAF in the ‘New Era of Bali’

IMPLEMENTATION of the 41st Bali Arts Festival (BAF) is a milestone in the seriousness and courage of the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster in implementing innovations to make this annual art scene more attractive, meaningful and useful for Balinese residents. A number of innovations are conceptualized directly by Koster and their implementation is monitored specifically by the Governor of Bali in person.

To ensure that the concepts of innovation have been carried out correctly, Koster went directly to the field several times, met with small business participants in the exhibition and reviewed the performance rehearsals. This has never happened to the previous BAF implementations.

Koster’s first innovation is to ensure that the main theme of Bali Arts Festival is implemented and reflected throughout all the BAF activities.

This year’s BAF featured the theme “Bayu Pramana: Glorifying Wind Energy. The theme itself is a description of the vision known as the Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali through the Universal Development Planning Pattern towards the New Era of Bali. “This theme is implemented in a real and consistent manner in 5 (five) main BAF activities, namely the art parade, performances, exhibition, art workshops and gatherings as well as competitions held throughout the Bali Arts Festival,” said Koster in his remarks during the opening night of the 41st BAF at Ardha Chandra Amphitheater, Bali Art Center. 

In addition, the 41st Bali Arts Festival is in favor of the small community, where the exhibitors are small-medium industry players (IKM) that are no longer charged or given free. It is aimed to help alleviate the cost burden of the small-medium industry players from all districts / municipality throughout Bali in order to motivate and drive the creative industry based on Bali’s branding culture, which is having good quality and competitiveness and export-oriented products.

“This is intended to make BAF a people’s fiesta where they can rejoice in following, watching, and enjoying the overall atmosphere of organization of the art festival as the party of Balinese people in accordance with the spirit of the New Era of Bali,” he explained.

In addition, the implementation format of this year’s Bali Arts Festival is arranged creatively and innovatively as part of the implementation of policies stipulated in the Regulation of Bali Governor concerning the Use of Balinese Customary Clothing, Protection and Use of Languages, Scripts, and Balinese Literature, Restrictions on Disposable Plastic Waste as well as Marketing and Utilization of Bali’s Agricultural, Fisheries and Local Industry Products.

Various innovations conceptualized by Koster have indeed succeeded in making the BAF appear much fresher and brighter, like having a new look. This new look was evident on the second night of the BAF. The aisles and pathways at Bali Art Center looked clean from garbage and the exhibition stands were well organized. The sound of bamboo windmills is the real implementation of Bayu Pramana mutually connected with the strains of the gamelan. The community can enjoy various art performances more comfortably and serenely.