Overwater Kecak Dance Hypnotizes Viewers

        OVERWATER Ke- cak Dance performance successfully made hun- dreds of spectators awe- fascinated. The dance was staged on Saturday night (Jul. 26) in the pool of Taman Mumbul Temple, Sangeh village, Abiansemal, Badung.

       The event taking place for an hour start- ing at 20:00 was presented by teenagers aged 11 to 15 years old coalesced into the members of the Pancer Langit Foundation. Visitors were amazed because the dance was staged overwater using a raft. Series of the performance was started with a gamelan music entitled Tirta Sanji- wani, accompanied by selonding instrument collaborated with angklung and jimbe instru- ments. After that, it was resumed with a duet dance depicting the meeting of Purusha and Pradhana and followed by Kecak Dance.

      Eight kecak dancers dressed in black trousers in checkered (black and white squares) motif emerged from the east and eight others emerged from the west. While performing the attraction from both direc- tions, the dancers met in the middle of the pond. Collaboration of the Purusha (pri- mordial nature) dan Pradhana (spirit) duet dance dan Kecak Dance adequately amazed the audiences that have been waiting for so long. Dancers’ spectacular action was also supported by magnificent lighting.

     “How amazing this overwater kecak dance is. Moreover, it is created by teenag- ers. I am delighted to watch such an excit- ing spectacle,” said Yan, an audience from Batubulan, Gianyar.

     “It’s the right moment for family to have a recreation on Saturday night.” Another comment was given by Gus Noldi, a spectator from Sangeh village. To him, the show held at the local village area is a great pride because it is trusted by the Pancer Langit Foundation to host such a performance at Taman Mumbul Temple.

    Bali Travel Newspaper observed the performance was dominantly watched by residents of Sangeh. Besides, there were many residents coming from neighboring villages, and even from other districts such as Gianyar, Tabanan, Buleleng and Denpasar city and so were foreign tourists coming with their tour guides.

     Patron of Pancer Langit Foundation, A.A. Gede Agung Rahma Putra, conveyed that the show is meant to further introduce Kecak Dance as a Balinese traditional culture that must be maintained and developed.

     “Addi- tionally, it is meant to improve the creativity of the art lovers coalesced into the members of our art studio foundation to continuously love the local culture of Bali,” he hoped.

     Meanwhile, Chairman of the Pancer Langit Foundation, Gede Agus Supartha, said that his studio comes to accommodate the creativity of Balinese young people, especially in Badung.

     “As a medium of learning and doing de- votional services to people through the arts and culture, various works and innovations have been successfully developed. One of his unique performances is the overwater Kecak Dance that we witnessed just now,” he said. ™ BTNewspaper/Andre

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