Self-Purification Ritual

For Children Born on Wuku Wayang

SOMEONE who was born on wuku wayang (the week of wuku wayang lasting on April 14-20, 2019) will receive special treatment. After the show of wayang sapuh leger, they will undergo a self-purification (panglukatan) procession. It is meant to cleanse and purify the person physically (sekala) and psychically (niskala). The purification is carried out to negative things and calamities acquired from sins, both from the rest of the previous deeds (Sancita Karmaphala) and from the deeds during this lifetime.

According to I Dewa Ketut Wicaksana in the book entitled Wayang Sapuh Leger, the ritual paraphernalia in use consists of vessel (earthenware) containing clear water supported by wanci, sandalwood water, rice, incense burner and 11 kinds of flowers, a bamboo tray of offerings containing libation of palm wine, arrack and rice wine. Meanwhile, the puppet figures used as means of the purification are Twalen, Lord Shiva, Lord Acintya, and Kekayonan (symbolizing the universe).

The ritual is commenced by the puppeteer coming down from the venue of performing the puppet show and heading for the courtyard where the children or participants to be purified are awaiting. The participants sit facing north or east on a plow for men and weaving equipment for women and a handful of whole unhusked rice.

The puppeteer stands opposite while carrying incense. After being spelled, it is then plugged into the ground as a witness. Next, he takes clean water to purify the hands of the participants to be exorcised or purified.

Holy water of the self-purification ritual is taken by the puppeteer and placed on the crown of the participants to be purified and then spelled. Then, the puppeteer takes the lotus made of young coconut leaf to sprinkle the holy water to participants. The holy water is poured on the participants’ palm to be drunk and rinsed over the face for three times. Ultimately, the holy water of purification is poured onto the participants’ body.

The children or participants to be purified perform worship accompanied by their parents before Sanggah Surya shrine and before the puppets.

Mass self-purification

Considering the importance of the self-purification ritual, several religious (Hindu) foundations or organizations hold mass ceremonies on the Tumpek Wayang Day or Saturday (Apr. 20, 2019). As organized last year (2018), the Lingga Gana Foundation held Pebayuh Oton and Sapuh Leger ritual for 400 participants who were born on wuku wayang. The ritual took place at the Penarukan Tengah Kelod hamlet, Penarukan, Kerambitan, Tabanan, on Saturday (Feb. 24, 2018).

Chairperson of the Lingga Gana Foundation, I Gusti Made Suteja, stated that similar activities will take place at Lingga Gana Prasta Panca Tirta Ashram, Tabanan.