Trikaya Green House

Launches Trikaya Organic Product

     TRIKAYA Foundation initiating the Trikaya Green House with the tagline organic, health and nature organized the launching of Trikaya Organic Products, Thursday (Apr. 16) at Ketewel, Gianyar. The event is held to increase the activity, productivity and introduction to the products of Trikaya guided by the foundation in the form of agricultural products, herbs, fertilizers, horticulture and the SMEs. The event was held for a week until April 21, 2015.    

    Chairperson of the Trikaya Founda- tion, I Gusti Ayu Putu Erawati, revealed that the foundation was built due to her concerns over the high rates of land conversion in Bali so that farmers begin to leave farming activities. The existence of Trikaya Green House is expected to provide an education for the community in the utilization of a narrow land.

     “We are very pleased because what we have done in fact has been in line with the government program where the green house newly established in 2010 can start the business in 2012 and this green house aims to provide educa􀆟on for the public either directly or indirectly, the importance of public health, family health and environmental health through organic approach,” she said.

     This loca􀆟on also provides training on the plan􀆟ng medium, the process of planting and demonstra􀆟on on the advantages and benefits of the organic system, in addi 􀆟on to selling organic food like organic salad, organic fruits, processed organic vegetables, processed organic chicken, organic fresh fish and so forth.

    According to her, the ideals to make Bali green and organic are not easy to be realized. To that end, it is required the proper mindset so that it is not only intended for commercial purposes but also for building a commitment to contribute something to the motherland.  BTNewspaper/Rudi

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