1st UNWTO World Forum on Food Tourism

     THE Basque Culinary Center and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in collaboration with Basquetour, the Gipuzkoa Foral Deputation and the Donostia-San Sebastián Town Hall are organizing the 1st UNWTO Affiliate Members World Forum on Food Tourism, to take place on 27-29 April 2015 in San Sebastián, Spain.

     Food is a fundamental element of all cultures, a major component of intangible heritage internationally and an increasingly important attraction for tourists that remains vastly untapped in many destinations. The linkages between food and tourism provide a platform for the transmission of culture, local economic development, sustainable practices and food experiences, which help to brand and market destinations, as well as support local tradition and diversity, harnessing and rewarding authenticity.

     Here, current research and tendencies will be presented by relevant experts shedding light on the latest trends and challenges within the spheres of knowledge, consumer trends, management, and communication. This Forum aims to boost the professional development of the sector, providing a space for exchange of experiences and identifica tion of best practices worldwide.  BTNewspaper/unwto

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