The Beauty of Sharing by the ONE Legian

     THE ONE Legian is known for all their charitable and CSR events in Bali. The hotel follows the Tri Hita Karana Implementation of providing welfare to the community and enhancing the beauty of sharing. Considering The ONE Legian was getting involved to the CSR activity, there was some charitable event held in this January 2016.

     First Charity Event was held by The Platinum Team of The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung On 22nd January 2016. The Platinum Team visited children of Eben Haezer Orphanage as a CSR activity prepared by Christian committee of The ONE Legian. Eben Haezer, is an orphanage foundation that located in Palapa Street, Sidakarya – Denpasar. This orphanage has more than 25 children to be take care of by private foundation. Since 1990, Eben Haezer helps neglected and needy children. The youngest one is 6 months old and the oldest is 18 years old.

     The team welcomed with chants performed by children and greeted by Rudy as an organizer of Eben Haezer. They are very enthusiastic to welcoming the team of The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung. “Most of them are still at elementary school, “explained Rudy.

   The Platinum Team also had a look around the orphanage and chatting with the children. This "Be Blessing & Be Glowing" charity event gives some donation to support the orphanage that accommodates more than 25 children.

     The second charity event supported by IHGM member was hold on 30 January 2016 was also one of The ONE Legian CSR Programs. The ONE Legian, represented by Dewi Mas, General Manager went to the event when the hospitality leaders handed over a donation to the representative of state elementary school SD2 Puhu, located in Puhu village, Payangan.

     For IHGM, This is the first such social event held by the association but for The ONE Legian this was a routine CSR Programs held by The Platinum Team which intends to create a spirit of togetherness and tolerance which hopefully the similar events will be held regularly in the future. The ONE Legian recently turned up with IHGM charity, by donating T-shirt, stationery pouch, bath towel and amenities pouch to be distributed among the needy.

     The IHGM was established by a group of hotel and villa general managers in Bali and aims to establish an association that will be actively involved in supporting disadvantaged members of the community. The spirit of IHGM became in line with The ONE Legian commitment to implement the Tri Hita Karana as a fundamental concept at The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung operational.

     The event was showing one of Tri Hita Karana part implementation that is Pawongan which is a good relationship among humans by making a harmony in balance.

     “The CSR Program is a part of the hotel concept to continue the initiatives of social responsibility within the framework of the local community of the State of Bali, and it reflects a genuine desire and the human feelings sincere enjoyed by the hotel staff to support and assist the needy wherever they are as “The Beauty of Sharing” as well as Tri Hita Karana Implementation. The Platinum TEAM also contributes to this charitable activities carried out by the hotels in the consolidation of human relations and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love among all members of society,” Dewi Mas commenting the CSR program. *BTNewspaper/e/pr

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