Buleleng Tourism Awarded ISTA in Two Categories

     TO maintain the sustainability of the tourism sector in Indonesia based on the sustainability of nature as well as the art and culture, the Ministry of Tourism conferred an award named ‘Indonesian Sustainable Tourism Award’ (ISTA) to tourism management community in Indonesia considered to be capable of meeting the requirements set by the team of central government consisting of various elements of the Ministry of Tourism, NGOs and higher education.

     In connection with the matter mentioned above, Buleleng people deserve to be pride because in 2017, Buleleng is awarded the ISTA by the Ministry of Tourism in two categories. Firstly, the ISTA in the category of Environmental Sustainability as the first best nationwide achieved by Pemuteran village, Gerokgak subdistrict, Buleleng. Then, another award is the second best in the category of Environmental Governance falling to Plataran L. Harmony in West Bali National Park, approximately 90 km west of Singaraja.

     According to the Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Nyoman Sutrisna, Pemuteran village located approximately 50 km west of Singaraja town deserves to win the first best nationwide in the category of Environmental Sustainability due to the fact in the field that Pemuteran village as a tourist area has sustainable nature realized through community empowerment.

     Likewise, Plataran L. Harmony is very appropriate to be awarded with ISTA as the second best nationwide in the category of Environmental Governance because the nature in the region has been really managed well, so that the harmony of the environment is well maintained. Furthermore, Sutrisna hoped the success of Pemuteran village and Plataran L. Harmony in achieving the ISTA should be followed by the community of tourism management elsewhere in Buleleng, so that Buleleng can become an example in the national level as the area being capable of realizing Sustainable Tourism.

     “On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to related parties, especially to the regent and deputy regent of Buleleng for their unending guidance and encouragement for the progress of the tourism sector in Buleleng,” said Sutrisna. ™ BTNewspaper/Agung Suamba

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