Exhibition At Griya Art Gallery

      GRIYA Art Gallery at Griya Santrian, a Beach Resort and Spa, presents A Land to Remember painting exhibition. The exhibition showcases the creative achievements of I Putu Bonuz Sudiana.

     Childhood memory and the nagging uneasiness which sprang from seeing the changes that took hold of his birth place, Nusa Penida Island, are the two main forces which Bonuz attempts to creatively express in his abstract painting.

      His compositions are dynamic and laden with strong emotional feelings. These can be discerned from his expressive chiseled lines and sweeping colors.

     “Gloomy colors are what my subconscious use to express its abhorrence towards everything that stand against my conscience. When anger and disappointment can no longer be conveyed through words, I voice them through my colors and lines,” said Bonuz.

     I Putu Bonuz Sudiana was born in the tiny island of Nusa Penida of the Southeast coast of Bali on December 30, 1972. In a place known for its fishing and seaweed farming, Sudiana began by painting fishing boats. His great interest in painting was unusual for a fishing village, but this did not discourage him from wanting to formally study painting. After finishing junior high school in Nusa Penida, he bravely moved to Bali to study at the High School of Fine Arts (SMSR). Then in 1995 he continued on to the Fine Arts College of Indonesia (STSI), now the Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) in Denpasar.

     As one of the distinguished art spaces in Bali, Griya Art Gallery Sanur hosts many dynamic artists by bringing a representative exhibition area, with its recent renovation and face lift back in 2015. v BTNewspaper/e/pr

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