GRIYA Art Gallery at GriyaSantrian a Beach Resort and Spa presents painting exhibition themed Interpreting Feelings, the Sultry Abstraction of Supena. Exhibition schedule 16 November – 31 December 2018, open for public from 10.00- 18.00 wita. Since the inception of GalangKangin Community, Supena and fellow cofounders have continuously pursued the aesthetics of inextricably intertwining colours, lines, formlessness to attain the intrinsic nature of abstraction.

     This marks an intense aesthetic flight, expressions beyond figurations, obscuring colour palettes to bloom as visual mosaics reminiscence to Kandinsky, Mondrian, or Sonya Delaunay’s versatility or various minimalistic non-representational abstractions. However, one must be aware that GalangKangin’s artistic and aesthetic propensities do not necessarily correspond to the style and techniques of Western abstraction.

     While Western abstract painters proceed from domain of examining reality based on a rational and systematic approach, GalangKangin painters are more stimulated by soul searching and inner feelings. Supena’s artwork can be summarized as the embodiment of the transcendence or the realm beyond reasoning, embracing subliminal thresholds stemming from his critical attitude in response to the ever-changing landscape of Bali, as well as his personal spiritual journey. His unique style of abstract landscape depiction as become a signature of Made Supena. His works displays the holiness of volcanoes, the deep-rooted Balinese ritual, the spiritual abundance of an artist.

     Through his meditation, it unveils the relationship between man and nature. His painting and creating is a passage to encountering the masterpiece that he would achieve. The artist I Made Supena was born in SingapaduGianyar, Bali on 12 January 1970. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Udayana University in 1997.

     “Derived from humanity and sublime landscape, the aesthetics of I Made Supena is unique yet universal,” says Ida BagusGedeSidharta Putra, owner of Griya Art Gallery and General Manager of GriyaSantrian, ”This exhibition is truly appreciated by art lovers and collectors in Bali.“*BTNewspaper/e/Pr

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