2nd Runner Up for Best Service “MELAPA MELAPI AWARD”

‘Melapa Melapi Award’ is well known as one of the most prestigious award for Balinese Culinary and by participating in this event, THE 1O1 Bali Legian could proudly share its ability in supporting the existence of Balinese Culture through various food presentation on current modern era.

THE 1O1 Bali Legian was presenting “Rajalaya by Gadis Subak” during the presentation in front of all Melapa Melapi Judges. Rajalaya is a traditional Royal family’s food serving style which perceived as the highest service deliverance for food towards the respected guests. Each course is served in traditional procession by Gadis Subak, dressed in Balinese traditional costumes. This procession was recognized by the judges as unique service and THE 1O1 Bali Legian was rewarded as a 2nd Runner Up for best service on Tri Hita Karana Melapa Melapi Award.

By having this prestigious award, THE 1O1 Bali Legian Management and Smart Team has continually show it 100% commitment in supporting traditional Balinese culture in any hospitality aspect.

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