Be Ready to Present Different Cooking Sensation!

     ENJOYING the scenery in Bali will certainly last endlessly. Overlay of paddy fields, the sound of singing birds on the yellow rice and the wind blowing are ready to make every traveler feel at home to spend a long time in Bali. However, have you ever imagined if you can cook and enjoy the cuisine in the middle of such lovely scene? Presenting cooking class as one of the packages offered, Wapa di Ume is ready to bring a new experience that you will never forget.

     On Sunday (May 14), journalist of Bali Travel Newspaper got the opportunity to follow one of the Cooking Class activities organized. The class package offered that day was a group package consisting of more guests than usual. The team of Wapa di Ume patiently explained step by step about the cooking class process until the cuisines of the participants could be enjoyed as their lunch menu that day. The cuisines cooked on the day consisted of seafood soup (appetizer), vegetables curry and chicken curry (main course) and rolled pancake (dessert).

     Vivacity of guests following the activities was very visible from their smiles to the great curiosity of spices that tend to be strange in their home country. Moreover, the participating guests were very eager to learn about how to cook with Balinese spices. After cooking, all the participating guests directly enjoyed the food they have cooked with the background of paddy field view and were entertained by endless jokes because of admiring the dishes they have cooked earlier. Aside from enjoying the cuisines, at the end of cooking class all the participating guests can bring home a certificate and recipe book having been practiced, so that they can try to cook it back in their home country.

     Through this cooking class, in addition to improving the familiarity of guests and hotel staff, Wapa di Ume at the same time would also like to introduce Balinese cuisines to guests who at the same time can keep the Balinese cuisine heritage to avoid disappearing as eroded by times. So, do not miss to enjoy the excitement of cooking class offered by the Wapa di Ume. 􀂙 BTNewspaper/opik