Jajan Pasar

     THIS managements hotel is pleased to offer visitors and guests the opportunity to enjoy jajan pasar – traditional Indonesian snacks and cakes.These classic market-style snacks are mostly sweet cakes known as kue, but they can also be savoury. More often steamed than baked, and therefore very different in texture, taste and appearance from Western cakes or pastries, many of these moist, colorful delicacies are made with rice flour, coconut milk and palm sugar.

     Other ingredients might include cassava, tapioca, sago flour, eggs or mashed sweet potato. Green pandan leaves and red hibiscus flower petals are used for natural colouring; flavours might include vanilla, durian and chocolate, and fillings may comprise beans, cheese and banana, or even meat and carrots.

     A famous jajan pasar specialty is the ‘kue lapis legit’, also known as ‘kue lapis Batavia’ or ‘spekkoek’ (layer cake), which is a rich kue consisting of thin alternating layers made of butter, eggs, and sugar, piled on top of each other. Each layer is laid down and then grilled separately, making the creation of this cake an extremely labour intensive and time-consuming process.

     The resort’s also hosts cultural themed buffet dinners, presenting Balinese music and dance performed under the stars on lawns embellished with stunning Balinese-style decor. Dining tables surround this alfresco garden stage, with cold and hot buffet stations served indoors and outdoors, paired with free flow wines and selected cocktails. The talented dancers and musicians originate from surrounding villages – masters who have performed this traditional form of entertainment since childhood.

     These culturally-inspired performances are all part of InterContinental Bali’s ongoing commitment to preserve and showcase the island’s cultural heritage and actively support local communities and their artistic legacies. In addition to a sumptuous buffet, guests will also be served jajan pasar, accompanied by ‘Okokan’, ‘Tektekan’ and ‘Calonarang’ .*BTNewspaper/AsstDir.PR/d

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