Hello Waterbom Fans, Friends and Family,

As a parting statement to end the year we are here to say thank you, the ride has been a universal blessing to say the least. Yes we have been giving away gifts during the holiday season, however our biggest present we can give (besides the absolute happiness and thrills from the park to the people), is the gift of giving back to the planet. Our biggest accomplishment in 2014, alongside installing 4 brand new slides, is our environmental progression, sustainability and technological innovation. These strides are taking us to where we want to be and the culture we want to instill. Yes we are a business, but harmony moves in a circular motion of giving and taking and that for us is the principle key to success.

Here are our main highlights:
PLATINUM AWARD FOR TRI HITA KARANA: This prestigious award has been receiving global recognition as framework for sustainable economic development. It highlights the harmony among people, god and nature. After receiving 3 consecutive years of gold followed by emerald. We have finally entered the destination of Platinum. Humbling to say the least.

SILVER CERTIFICATION FOR EARTHCHECK: Represents the next generation in global benchmarking, certification and improvement systems; assisting the sustainability of the international travel and tourism industry. One more year until we can move into the gold category.. Excited MUCH

PAPERLESS OFFICE: We are taking advantage of technology and in the process of eliminating paper use within the office. Our first initiative was using the Drop Box feature, instead of printing within the office we share our information digitally. We are now in the process of creating digital name cards as our second step.

PAPERLESS PAYMENT SYSTEM: We no longer print receipts in the park, which saves a huge amount of paper. All payment details can be seen on a monitor.

ORGANIC WATER BOTTLES: We provide all of our staff with 're-fill' water bottles, instead of plastic bottles that get thrown away and re-purchased.

WATER SAVING METHOD AT WATERBOM: Hi-Tech water system that re-uses and re-filters the h20. For more details watch the youtube TEDX video for Waterbom Bali :). ALL of our taps are now push bottom's taps. Push Bottom taps release water for 4 seconds, this reduces un-nessesary wastes of water.

WASTE IS SPLIT INTO TWO SECTORS: NON ORGANIC and ORGANIC. The non organic waste is handled by a company that recycles the trash. The Organic waste becomes compost.

BROWN PAPER BAGS: All of our bags are 100% recyclable, we are eliminating the use of plastic as much as we can.

SUPPORTING LOCAL 'CONSCIOUS' PRODUCTS: We now work with 'Indosole', amongst others who find goods, recycle them, produce product and sell them with style.

Lastly, thank you for nominating us to be the best park in ASIA and number 5 in the WORLD! This is fuel to our fire, a motivation to become better.

Our new years resolution; stay grounded because there is still a lot for us to improve on, as long as our targets sit on the horizon.

Happy New Years, Enjoy Life more, mind over matter. The Management.

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