Piodalan Ceremony The ONE Legian Day of Establishment of a Temple

          AS an annual tradition, The ONE Legian held their annual temple festival, the Piodalan ceremony, this month. The ceremony is awalys held in March, or in reference to the Balinese calendar falls on the Purnama ke Sanga day (9th Full Moon of the Balinese Calendar). Piodalan is a religious ceremony that is related to the birth of a sacred place / thing, according to the Balinese calendar calculations every 6 months or 1 year. The majority of Balinese Hindus complete such a ceremony each year to show that they are grateful for the blessing they have received, whilst asking for future blessings as well.

     Processions began February 23rd, with the pursuit of holy water (Mendak Tirtha) to Pura Pulaki and Pura Melanting; on the February 27th, collecting a Tirtha continue to Pura Dalem Ped. This holy water symbolize the blessings and God’s representation. On the same day up to February 28th, decoration and putting Wastra towards all Pelinggih were started, bamboo penjor poles were erected in the hotel as a symbol of Agung Mountain and resembles as Naga Besukih that represents prosperity, and banten offerings were made in preparation.

     The actual Piodalan ceremony was held on March 1st, with numerous rituals from blessings, prayers and ritual dances all part of the day’s agenda. Started with Mendak Pemangku, who was the holy one who lead the ceremony; then followed with dance performance “Rejang Renteng” which was exclusively perfomed by women as symbol of welcome dance to God and manifestation of Dewa-Dewi. Continue with praying together as gratitude of all blesses and pray for all the best in future. What unique is there was Mebat activities conducted by the employees and Management. Mebat is a tradition of cooking together. They were gathered together to process a variety of traditional Balinese food, such as Sate Lilit, Ayam Betutu, Ayam Serai Limau, Lawar dan Tum Babi. All of these handmade traditional menu then served to all the employees for their lunch and dinner accompanied with Daluman Iced & Loloh Cemcem, another Bali traditonal drinks.

     At the end, this ceremony was aim to ask for blessing and all best wishes to the continuation of all good things around us. This was The ONE Legian paying respect to the appropriate Hindu-Bali gods, where The ONE Legian built, in gratitude for the past and future successes. *BTNewspapaer/e/pr

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