Spinning Top Attraction Held in Lake Tamblingan

  TYPICAL spinning top attraction of Buleleng was held on the verge of Lake Tamblingan on Friday (Jul. 7). This attraction was part of the Twin Lakes Festival organized by the government of Buleleng district on July 6 to 9. Twin Lakes Festival is an annual event organized as an expression of gratitude to God for His abundant graces including the blessings of the two beautiful lakes namely  the Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan.

     This festival is also an effort of awareness building on the importance of preserving Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan so that one of its natural functions namely as provider of water can be well maintained. Various activities are held during four days, including the art performances of the culture owned by the local community around the two lakes. One of the charming spectacles is the typical spinning top game of Buleleng held on Friday (Jul. 7).

     Spinning top is a traditional game of mountain farm- ers in Buleleng. As scheduled, the attraction starts at 10:00. This spinning top attraction is ascer- tained to be going on excitingly because the participants are booming. According to Section Head of Coopera- tion and Promotion at the Buleleng Tourism Office, Agung Maheri, the spinning top attraction is followed by participants from the four-customary-village forum namely the Gobleg village, Umajero village, Gesing village and Munduk village and two buffer villages consisting of Bengkel village and Pedawa village.

     Marketing Division Head of the Bule- leng Tourism Office, Nyoman Gede Gu- nawan, hoped that Twin Lakes Festival can popularize the Twin Lakes attractions overseas. ™ BTNewspaper/Agung Suamba

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