TheFirst Emerald Award Alaya Resort Ubud

     ALL of us at Alaya Resort Ubud are extremely honoured to announce that was awarded with the Emerald this year at the prestigious industry-wide awards; Tri Hita Karana Awards. The event held the Art Centre, in Denpasar on the 25th of November 2017 Tri Hita Karana represents the life concept of the Balinese community; that is, balancing the secular with the spiritual. One of the key tenets of Balinese culture, this is achieved by holding the three essential relationships – that between humans and God (Parhyangan), humans and fellow humans (Pawongan) and humans and the environment (Palemahan).

     Alaya Resort Ubud underwent an intensive inspection process by Tri Hita Karana authorities, and was awarded a Gold rating in 2015 , 2016 and for the First EMERALD as Five Stars in now 2017. “ It’s the first year that Alaya Resort Ubud received the Emerald Award and it is indeed a testament to our team’s commitment towards our guests and the community we live in “ commented Dewi Mas, General Manager of Alaya Hotels & Resorts.

     The Tri Hita Karana accreditation is organized by the Tri Hita Karana Bali Foundation, is fully supported by Balinese Government, and is dedicated to emphasize the commitment of hotels, tourism businesses and other related organizations in maintaining the culture of Bali. Come to our Resort to experience Tri Hita Karana first hand, understand what it means to live the philosophy and take it home and spread its valuable and timely lessons around the world. *BTNewspaper/e/Irma Wardani/ Corporate Marcomm

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