Bali Dynasty Resort Receives Platinum III in 2018 Tri Hita Karana Awards

     BALI Dynasty Resort was recently awarded with a Platinum III Medal during the 2018 Tri Hita Karana (THK) Awards & Accreditations in Denpasar, Bali. This prestigious accolade was presented in recognition of our significant achievements to incorporate sustainable, spiritual, social and environmental principles within our ongoing business practices.

     Last year, the resort also received a Platinum Medal. Tri Hita Karana is a traditional life philosophy for the Balinese community to accomplish secular and spiritual bliss through the harmonious relationship amongst humans (pawongan) and between humans, God Almighty (parahyangan) and the environment (palemahan ).

     The awards were initiated in 2000 to recognize hospitality enterprises for adopting this local concept in their daily operation. Four years later, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN-WTO) endorsed the awards. The awards also gained further support when the philosophy became part of the Bali Clean and Green roadmap in 2010.

     Bali Dynasty Resort has implemented Tri Hita Karana principles in its business practices and policies by upholding local cultural and spiritual beliefs, and trying to make a difference to those less fortunate who have not benefitted from the tourism on the island. Since 2016, the resort has reached out to Balinese people in need through a charity project called “Help Friends for Life” in partnership with Solemen. To date, Bali Dynasty Resort has raised in excess of IDR 811 million (over USD 60,000) to support many SoleBuddies with their ongoing long-term care and education, while at the same time helping countless individuals with one-off donations, such as wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and medical treatment.

     In terms of the environment, the resort is committed to operating at a high eco-friendly level. Initiatives include organising both monthly and annual general clean-up programmes that are conducted by staff members, as well as making the effort to grow and nurture rare plants in our garden. We also work closely with the ‘banjar’ (local Balinese community) to create a green, clean and safe environment for the comfort and convenience of our guests. *BTnewspaper/de/Albert Priyatama

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