I Nyoman Sudirga Yusa

Directors of Pramana Experience

      AS one of the Five Board Directors of Pramana Experience, Dirga, a nick name of I Nyoman Sudirga Yusa, is actually the most outgoing person even though he does not look like one when you meet him for the first time.  He loves sharing, social hanging up, strategic planning and travelling.  No wonder he is so matched with one of his roles as the Sales and Marketing Leader of Pramana Experience besides as the Director.  He is so energetic with young spirit, like racing and always ready for competing.  On the opposite sides of these characters, he is actually a very kind-hearted person, a good listener but once a while, he is so stubborn.

     Dirga was born in Klungkung on 12 March 1979 as the youngest son of three of a retired teacher and now has 4 children on his own.   He had graduated from Mapindo Tourism and Management School, majoring at the front office department in 1998.  He started his career as a receptionist of Ulun Ubud Resort & Spa, then moved to Waka Maya resort, Waka Di Ume Resort & Spa and the last one as the resident manager of Y Resort Ubud prior to joining Pramana Experience as one of the board directors in 2013.

     In doing one of his roles as the Sales Marketing Leaders, Dirga always travels at least 5 overseas trips around the world in a year to look, learn and observe the nowadays market trends and strategies.  This means that he must be a wide and wise observer to work with people in the hospitality world.  He has so many business colleagues and partners and they are his good supporters to make Pramana Experience grow well on his hand