Rural Destination; Traveler’s New Luxury Stage

      THERE is no ending matter when we discuss about tourism, since peoples are keen to have some irregular activities after their year round routine. Despite a special holiday seasons, people always try to enjoy their weekend well with family, friends and community. Holiday is time to refresh and relaxing both body and soul. Sometimes people difficult to find where to go as many places have been visited, perhaps.

     According to international tourism practicioners about rural tourism in USA and Europe that apart from the agricultural sector itself, rural areas do not provide many employment opportunities for local citizens. At the same time, one of the most valuable competitive advantages of rural areas over urban ones is that they harmoniously combine natural and cultural values into a unique mixture of attractions. The increasing trend of last decades in the developed countries (and of last years in the developing part of the world) is rural tourism.

    Tourism is an effective tool to attract investments and promote interest in rural ways of life, traditions and local identities of rural areas. As an alternative source of income in addition to the traditional agricultural production, rural recreation is especially important in developing countries and economies in transition, where investments in agriculture and volume of state support are lower in comparison to the developed countries of the EU and the USA. The diversity of rural culture in various countries (and even in particular rural areas within a country) provides opportunities to build attractive and competitive tourist products. (* more in print edtions)