Wayan Santrayan and “Maya Rupa“

      THE owner of Griya Santrian Art Gallery IB Sidharta Putra, official opened Maya Rupa exhibition by Wayan Santrayana. The exhibition held until 29 April 2016 and open for public daily at Griya Santrian Art Gallery.

     Maya Rupa shows Santrayana personal exploration, which combines artistic values and deep understanding of the subjective values. This understanding has been an extremely subjective part of himself and his creative universe. This exhibition is an effort to share the subjective comprehension values to other persons, which are the people who appreciate his works of art. Therefore the exhibition is not only limited to create art and esthetics only, but also contains an inter-subjective communication that emerges from each of the works of art.

     The painter, I Wayan Santrayana, was born on September 29th 1965 in Bali. He currently works as a Painting Teachers at SMKN 1 Sukawati. He attempts to unravel the mystery on how the human mind works through lines that seems random in the paintings. But if seen closely, each lines actually cross or connects forming a new “random” image. Each person’s perception will produce a different exploration and image discovery upon viewing the “Maya Rupa” works of art. *BTNewspaper

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